Print processes to suit your market needs

Print processes to suit your market needs

Ordinary readers know that I am talking about communicating and of course printing. Recently articles focused on topics marketing and computerized communications. But we should not forget the printed piece because it is an important aspect of any comprehensive marketing plan. In this article we will look at three of the types of printing that we can use in an effective marketing campaign. Specific offset printing digital printing and hybrid printing.

Offset printing or traditional lithographic printing uses a process where ink is put on a roll so that a printing plate can pick up the ink and create an image on a blanket. The stock rolls on the felt and the image appears on the paper. For full-print printing this process often uses four primary colors to build all other colors we see.

Offset printing is generally used for longer runs. With longer runs I refer to a larger number of sheets or pages that need to be printed. There are many types of offset presses ranging from small single-color presses that can handle a sheet size of 8

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