Optimize Output Management printing processes and printing costs

Optimize Output Management printing processes and printing costs

Many of them allocate between 1 and 3% of their budget to produce documents for internal use and recent studies show that optimization of print processes can save up to 30 percent. The latter figure is critical for CIOs.

Optimize. It sounds very good right? But how can you do that? The whole process could be divided into six steps.

Measures to optimize printing costs and processes for document printing

Step 1. Find a vendor that provides comprehensive services and in addition to delivering print outs for document output also makes it possible to improve printing processes and reduce paper and toner consumptionand thus printing costs and offers other services geared towards achieving an end-to -end optimization. It is crucial to expect an experienced supplier that offers creative solutions that go beyond the simple reduction in the number of prints.

Step 2. Perform a revision of the current systems and identify the main document printing processes to be improved. This is done through several interviews with key people in the company and adds CIOs important contributions. Thanks to this audit the companys needs and objectives are identified. For example more and more employees have positions that require them to travel or make travel often. So far it was very difficult to get a file printed via a secure connection from any mobile device. But now there are solutions for document print management that reduce and compress the files sent to remote printers.

Step 3. After identifying the changes that must be made to streamline document print management and printing processes it is advisable to standardize the printers brand to get better prices and negotiate volume-based contracts through an increased scale. Similarly it is necessary to reduce the number of physical printers but increase their production capacity and the intelligence of the equipment. By intelligence we mean the possibility that some printers today need to approve invoices keep the information they contain safe and start critical processes such as digitizing a document to upload it into the companys intranet. The rest of the changes and improvements must be prioritized according to the budget but keep in mind that the end result will be significant cost savings so do not delay your optimization project for the printing process.

Step 4. It is essential that selected selected document providers actively participate in the project from start to finish ie they should be present during the term of the contract as the companys needs may vary.

Step 5. Now it is up to us to deal with it beyond the negligible task of implementing the changes. To this end we need to design a roadmap that will enable us to handle the changes in printing processes satisfactorily and expect support from the companys highest management. This is absolutely necessary because a project of this magnitude involves between three and four weeks of changes that will affect the main departments which must be done without the printer they had in their office until that date. Therefore it is essential to make employees aware that they have to print with their heads and that this will bring several benefits across multiple fronts.

Advantages of optimizing print management for print management

Printing Cost Management. It helps to know how users use printer and paper consumption improve usage of supplies and enable print policy execution.

Higher internal productivity. It releases time in daily tasks and streamlines printer control and management processes. It allows you to print remotely and get documents ready when you get to the office.

Energy savings and respect for the environment. it reduces electricity consumption carbon dioxide emissions paper consumption and thus wood cutting.

Step 6. Last but not least we need to monitor the printing process change plan and report progress or backlash in the document print management project. There are no reasons to make the proposed changes if there is no way to monitor measure and validate them to present them to the top management who want to see the return achieved through the cost-saving project and although not all can be directly measurable in the form of money ie employee satisfaction and improved efficiency the results shall be handed over to the pilots and later to the rest of the company.

If companies follow these steps carefully and do not deviate from their roadmap they will achieve something that seemed an impossible mission a few years ago. Even though we tender

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