Cheap Business Printing - White Paper

Cheap Business Printing - White Paper

Companies can spend thousands of pounds sterling on printed materials. The purpose of this document is to show that by analyzing and separating the different purposes of a company's printed materials companies can significantly save time and money on their print materials using new online and print technology.

When selecting a print strategy it is important to know what type of printer to use. Printout is an older process that is printed with metal plates to transfer the image to the paper. Printing with this method means that the individual elements of the print media can not be changed unless a new metal plate is created. This process is cost effective when used to print large quantities. Digital printing is a newer print method that reproduces images on the page. This print method supports different prints where some parts of the print media can be changed without affecting the fixed costs.

The first step to cheap business printing breaks down the functionality of your printed material.

Most printed materials have a triple function. To present a good professional impression for relevant parties as investors customers and suppliers. Increase brand awareness by leaving relevant parties with a visual reminder of a company and product service. Communicate information about business services or products to relevant parties. Data sheets and company brochures are necessary for a company's image. These print materials also send information to customers about the company's products and services. This White Paper provides tips on saving money and time when planning to design and print offices and promotional materials by analyzing and separating their features.

Data sheet and brochure printing - Strategy to save on printing costs. Data sheet serves as a communication tool to help customers and suppliers understand a company's product. Many companies print at least 1000 copies of each datasheet on a compensated printer to get a low cost per sheet. With the advent of digital printers it is possible to print smaller quantities but as the quantity increases the cost per data sheet is static while printing on a compensated printer generates a decreasing cost per data sheet as increased volume increase. When the specifications for a product change the data sheet is dated and must be updated.

This strategy also applies to print safety brochures. Today many companies write brochures in large quantities on an offset printer. But many companies change their business focus or other company-related details due to market changes and the like. It would save time and money to print these brochures in the office as well. However this strategy is only effective for companies that print small amounts at a time.

The typical or offline printing process. This method of printing requires the company to pay two separate subcontractors to a graphic designer and a printing company. In addition the employee must spend working time with the graphics.

Working with a graphic designer requires. Explain the concept and graphics needed Discuss layout design and colors Revision and adaptation of draft.

When the design is complete it is time to contact the printer. The online printing process. Working with a small or large network company can save significant time and money. This method gives the companies professionally printed material that meets all three functions as described above - presentation and information communication. There is no need for folders because the printout is of high quality.

Why is online printer a cheaper solution? Because they are online they can be located in low rental areas. Many are larger than traditional printers and can reduce their costs due to economies of scale. Free design templates make it possible to work without a graphic designer. They eliminate the time an employee spends on working with a graphic designer. Reduce time-to-market because there is no waiting time for design approval and audits.

It is important that you choose your online printer carefully some offer benefits like. Free image uploads. This enables employees to easily upload existing company logos. Free design templates. Free design upload options. This allows a company with its own graphic designer or an earlier design to upload for printing.

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